Food Security & Sustainable Agriculture

BetterWorld envisions a world free from hunger. Food security exists when people have nutritious food available to them at all times. This means they have a stable food supply without fluctuations or shortages from season to season or year to year. It also means that food is affordable and of adequate quality. Environmental problems, such as climate change and land degradation, can and do threaten food security.

Sustainable agriculture and food security are inextricably linked. Agriculture is sustainable when a farm is able to produce food indefinitely, without causing irreversible damage to its soil, water supply and environment.

BetterWorld continues to develop ideas that aid the production and delivery of a safe, steady and wholesome food supply to those in need. We also provide financial assistance to our local food pantries and food banks.

In particular, BetterWorld forms partnerships with organizations that:

  • Promote sustainable agricultural practices, including soil and water management

  • Encourage farmer-to-farmer cooperation

  • Improve market access for smallholder farmers

  • Strengthen community-based solutions for redressing poverty and hunger

  • Link nutritional and agricultural interventions and research

  • Increase agricultural productivity through better access to seeds and fertilizers, and improved market conditions and trade networks