Foster Care

BetterWorld acknowledges that foster families, as well as the institutions created to support foster children and those who care for them, make an incredible difference in the world.

Family foster care and treatment foster care are designed to be temporary placements for children when their parents cannot care for them. Foster parents come from all walks of life, and families with different abilities and strengths are needed to care for the variety of children who enter the system.

We are specifically interested in supporting the expansion of effective services for foster children in Southwest Riverside County. In particular, we support programs that:

  • Train and encourage individuals interested in becoming a foster parent

  • Increase the number and quality of respite caregivers available to periodically relieve foster parents

  • Promote and encourage the adoption of children who need permanent placement

  • Address the unique educational challenges of children within the foster care system

  • Address the specific needs of youth who are 'aging out' of the system