Venture Philanthropy

At BetterWorld, our venture philanthropy objective is to reduce poverty through concentrated investments of money, human endeavor and expertise. We provide small and medium business entrepreneurs access to capital resources they might not otherwise find available to them. We invest our capital in undertakings designed to produce net operating income, goods or services.

Like venture capitalists, we expect to have our capital returned to us with a profit for reinvesting into other social ventures. We develop a strategy with our partners, agreed upon at the start, which anticipates our exit. We are active participants in each initiative to help guide it toward a successful result. We are not "passive investors."

Internally we refer to these concepts as our BetterWorld recipe..."RSP" methodology.

  • "R" stands for "Regenerative." We want our funds and investments to regenerate and return to our 'pool' for recycling into other philanthropic projects.

  • "S" stands for "Sustainable." We want our investment initiatives to survive our exit on their own merits, to stand on their own after we leave.

  • "P" stands for "Profitable." We believe that managing to profitability produces efficiency and discipline.

By investing in profitable ventures that create good things for our world, while, at the same time, regenerating and reinvesting the capital into other socially and financially profitable ventures, we can make the world better one project at a time.

We think of ourselves as partners. For us that means more than monthly or quarterly operating reviews or strategic planning discussions. It means helping our operating partners assemble resources and skill-sets to accomplish the goals we jointly set for the venture. It also means regular communication, counseling and, where appropriate, guidance. We do not, however, plan to operate projects. We are actively involved with our partners in creating successful outcomes by combining our different resources and talents.